Dream Theatre-Metropolis Pt2:Scenes from a memory(180 gram, gatefold sleeve, hand numbered /3000)


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This will mark the first time this amazing album has been pressed on vinyl. The record is available as a double LP set. The album will come in a beautiful gate-fold sleeve. The album is also 180gram vinyl!

The album will be released on BLACK FRIDAY November 25th, 2011. If you pre order now your order will ship on or before that date. Orders will be shipped in special LP shipping boxes with great care and handling. There are multiple shipping options available so please review shipping options before check out. If you have any questions about your order you can reach our customer service HERE. Thank you for choosing Brookvale Records and Enjoy the Ride Records. Look for more releases coming soon!

ARTIST: Dream Theater
TITLE: Metropolis PT 2:Scenes from a Memory

VERSION: 2 LP Set – Gate-fold Sleeve – 180 gram



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