PM Today-In Media Res Vinyl Re-Issue


Sold Out


Licensed from Rise Records and pressed by "I Am Shark", you can now purchase the first vinyl pressing of this well received album from the progressive Arkansas quartet. The 12" vinyl LP is available in Black (limited to 500) and a beautiful 3 Color Splatter of Yellow/Orange/Red to match the cover artwork.

Our Webstore has a very limited amount(under 10 of each color) so grab em while you can.

Album Reviews

"FILE UNDER: BRILLIANT, MULTIFACETED POP-ROCK...These guys are outrageously talented--good-to-great lyricists/songwriters and astonishing musicians (the two don't always go hand in hand)...They deserve to be huge; this is one of the best albums of 2010 so far, and a mind-roasting debut."
4.5/5 - Alternative Press

"In Medias Res has completely swept me off my feet...PMtoday have held their own on my playlist. In Medias Res has already become one of my favorite records of the year, as it currently sits in my top five of 2010, and I strongly encourage fans of any genre to check it out. In a tornado that sweeps up parts of the best bands out there, PMtoday are sure to showcase something for everyone.
- Absolute Punk



  • Black (sold out)

  • Yellow w/orange & red splatter (sold out)