Native Trash (Jesse - Singer from Harvard - side project) - S/T - 7" Vinyl


Sold Out


Native Trash's debut EP - 4 songs of grungy rock music on mixed color vinyl w/ hand screen printed sleeves. The Sleeves are screen printed in various different color scheme sets, all very limited and once they are gone will not be reprinted. All are limited to under 50 and some as small as only 5 made for sale to the public. The one pictured is Mint Berry Crunch with Coon Fur(Pink w/ brown). Only 200 total copies of this record are pressed. The Records themselves are made on randomly mixed color vinyl so we cannot guarantee the cover matching but we will do out best to match things up. The band also has 50 copies over various colors available and to be sold at shows.

* The first 5 people to order this will get to choose their own 1 of a kind color combination for the ink (based on colors we have available) on the back of the sleeve!!

The Entire Ep can be both streamed and purchased digitally here



  • custom color version(band press) (sold out)

  • Brown Flag with Pink Logo(4 For Sale) (sold out)

  • Purple Flag with Blue logo(6 For Sale) (sold out)

  • Orange Flag with green logo(8 For Sale) (sold out)

  • Red Flag with Orange Logo(44 For Sale) (sold out)

  • Dark Blue Flag with Light Blue logo(37 For Sale) (sold out)

  • purple Flag with Green Logo(13 For sale) (sold out)

  • Blue Flag with Purple Logo(20 For Sale) (sold out)